Best Bicycle Routes in Australia 

Australia can be a great country for cyclists of all skill levels. People from other countries might assume that cycling here would involve massive tracks through huge red deserts, but that couldn’t be farther from the case – unless that is what you want to do anyway. Australia is a very big and very diverse country, which means that we have all sorts of tracks, climates and levels of difficulty for cyclists to enjoy. 

Join me as I run through some of my favourite bike routes in Australia but try not to be too upset if I miss out one of your personal favourites – there are just too many great bike routes to list in one place! 

Rottnest Island 

As one of Western Australia’s darling holiday spots, Rottnest Island couldn’t be more perfect as a cycling route. The island’s roads are only used by the local bus services, so you’ll have plenty of room as you make your way around the beautiful island in just a few hours. Rottnest Island is a good choice if you don’t currently have a bike but are looking to use one to enjoy the great outdoors, since the island has plenty of bike rental services. 

Tasmania’s East Coast 

The east coast of Tasmania is naturally built for cycling, so it comes as no surprise that it is abundantly populated by great cycling routes. Lots of these routes have been carefully designed to incorporate the natural flow of the environment, but they’re also well-maintained meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice ride quality to feel part of nature. You can cycle down the whole of the east coast in about a week, and I couldn’t recommend it any more. 

Maria Island 

Since you might be heading to Tasmania anyway, why not make a detour to Maria Island while you are there. The roads have no traffic, and since it is a natural park, there is lots of wildlife to see while you’re there. 

The Great Ocean Road 

The Great Ocean Road is a natural recommendation for motorists who are looking to see some stunning scenery, and it really is no different for cyclists. With everything from rainforests and beaches to the imposing Twelve Apostles, you won’t be short of beautiful things to look at on this road. Just make sure to avoid travelling in the busier seasons, or you’ll be contending with lots of traffic in order to see the sights. 

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